High-quality Agricultural commodities

  • Grow Nutricrops Netherlands is The Netherlands based agribusiness company, operating in producing sourcing its own high quality agricultural commodities for food as well as superfoods and offering it to the international market at very competitive prices.
  • Grow Nutricrops Netherlands operates only with Health Crops that directly delivers on physical health of its end-users, or with chosen key bulk crops to make its cost effective large scale production to meet global food or feed supply challenges.
  • Grow Nutricrops Netherlands mainly conducts its own farming or operates via contract farming to take on all challenges and responsibilities to deliver efficient and effective use of all resources and ensure cost effective supply to its customers.
  • Grow Nutricrops Netherlands produces and supplies mainly from Europe, East Europe, Asia/India & part of Africa.
  • Grow Nutricrops Netherlands, as name suggests, is expert in dealing with all kinds of major health crops and superfood products especially of Indian & European origin.

We are Highly Diversified…

  • We experience that vertical integration is our strongest asset
  • By controlling the products from the first step we ensure transparency and effectiveness along the entire chain
  • We focus on producing more at less resources, supply at highly competitive prices and operate only with key chosen crops where we are experts and can make differences