Our Value Proposition

We supply directly from the source and mostly we are the source. We produce it across Europe (East Europe), Asia/India, & Africa, this gives us stance in taking, sourcing and capitalizing on the localized produce or crops performing best at the place.

With that, we can supply high quality material at the best price no one can bear to supply.

Our Mission

  1. To be one of the world’s leading producer and supplier of high quality superfoods.
  2. To sustainably cultivate more health food crops to make it more available continuously.

Our Vision

Our ‘Global Health Food‘ Vision: is to provide people in all corners of the world with healthy food products and help them live and lead healthy life.

Our Values

Our ‘Grow Nutricrops Netherlands’ Values: Our values are our commitment to the business and all our products are made with ‘Grow Nutricrops Netherlands’ values, it is the end result of our behaviour and commitments.

1. Customer Orientation
We treat our customers a stakeholder in the business. We deeply care for their need and stay accountable for the promises made. We must enjoy serving them.

2. Social Responsibility
We must work hard towards our ‘Global Health Food’ vision and be responsible towards the society and the natural resources.

3. Creativity
We take our role in the food supply chain very seriously, & add value to farm produces towards meeting global consumers’ need.

4. Growth
We are development driven and believe in continuous growth. We strive for BETTER & BIGGER in all that we seek.

5. Integrity
We must be honest, transparent and loyal in dealing with our customers, people, community and all the other stakeholders.